Waffle Pattern Exploration

This was an exercise in digital fabrication to familiarize myself with creating waffle definitions in grasshopper. Waffling in grasshopper is when one creates intersecting slits in a flat material to form a three dimensional object from two-dimensional planes. These definitions not only created the waffle structure, but generated files for laser cutting based on a 3D shape input alone.


Angled Waffle Torus

This definition is more challenging than the face in that the waffle structure is at an angle, meaning that the slits must vary in size to account for the angled material. I generated cutting objects that accomplished this through a more complex script that can account for holes in the object that is being "waffled" as well as account for angled waffle pieces.


Waffle Face

This waffle definition creates a three-dimensional waffle from 1/8th inch chipboard from a 3D model of a face protruding from a flat plane. I first modeled the face in 3D, placed it on a plane, and then draped a mesh over it to generate a smooth transition between the plane and the face. This waffle definition can create waffles for most objects, excluding only complex objects with holes.