Lama Foundation Design

This semester-long project consisted of coming up with a design for a small, performance-based cabin for the Lama Foundation in Taos, NM. This was my personal design, which was in the top three choices to be constructed during the summer portion of this studio. This cabin design includes a wood stove, storage space, work space, relaxation space, yoga and meditation space, resting space, and a versatile outdoor bench that allows for users to sit around the entire edge of the building as well as in the entrance area. The angular design is meant to reduce wind loads on the structure as well as increasing useful space without increasing square footage.

20170405-2017-04-05 Gregory Blanpied-1661-Edit.jpg
20170405-2017-04-05 Gregory Blanpied-1628-Edit.jpg
20170405-2017-04-05 Gregory Blanpied-1656-Edit.jpg
20170405-2017-04-05 Gregory Blanpied-1642.jpg